Saturday, 23 February 2013

'FRIENDS' , i need you

All people need friends and thats goes to me two three and four because I am also a human not robot . :D . Friends are comes across many people . Wondering the features who will be your friend is basically return to your  look , i mean that your attitude toward them . So I prefer to have friends who always stay by my side thru thick and thin . So that i can do whatever to them but not as their scapegoat . Do I good enough to be your friend ? ohhh I hope so .

By today (yesterday) , my friends was made my day . AHAAA XD . But how ? I sent a shortly morning text  sound's , "Selamat pagi ! :)" . Too short but i meant it meaningful bcs i knew how do we feel when receiving text message in early mornin' . It show that someone remembering us . :) . For those twenty six who got my message , I hope you guys happy on every single day . And also i got their replies . Too many of course , my finger tips become jammed . Anyway I appreciate all those responses from them .  Here a bunch of love from me .

Here i show you their responses :

"Clmt pg..hoho..awei bngn,bkn ke wk2 ni ko bdngkur lg ke?"


"Selamat pagi.."

"Selamat pagi juga"

"Selamat pagi . Tp nie spe ea ??"

"Awl nye bg0n .hee"

"Slamat mlm....X( "

"Hek eleh,lu ni..msti nk bajet bgn pg..hahaha"

"Slamat pg!:D "

"Morning! Hee ak bru bgun beb. :P "

"Slmat pagi jugak :)"

"Selamat pagi (=l "

"Sowi lmbt reply...yee pagi.."

"good morning ;) asl ? nak ajk tgk gangster celop ka. hehe"

"Selamat pagi . :D pe cte skunk?"

"Slamat pagi.:) "

"Haha..Ka wt pe?awl bngun"

"Mpi ape bgun awal ny haha"

"Mmpi ape ?"

"Awal boh! msti ad projek nie"

"Spa pn xtau."

Owner of each text are not mention bcs they must know which is their own . Some of them are funny . XD . Reply their text seriously made me sleepy and i fall asleep for a while . Once i woke up again i do reply their text . How tenacious am i to hit them back . :D . Suddenly , i was surprised by this two lovely ladies .

except at the middle :3

They came to my home and ask me what was happen . Hey how serious you are guys . I dont think I would make you worry . Hihi . For those who are awake bcs of my message , Im sorry but I think i'll do that again :P

Again i prefer to use the word 'friend' relate to the cats . My neighbour's own . Yes cat is my loyal friend eventhough they cant speak as human but truly cats lover would understand each other . ;) . The moment when it stare at me made me melting . How sweet are them . HAHA . Will my boyfriend/husband do that for me soon ? XD


#Dear my friend , i hope our friendship will be long lasting forever where no one cant broke it up . If not , sure i'll go blasting them =..+ . Thanks for being my friend . :)

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