Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Day by day the world the earth are growth modenisation by the new era together with full of technologies . Yes of course . Actually up-to-date that i mean is my style . Oh please . Honestly , I am not a fashionable girl . As my dad told to my mom . It's sound like this , "just look at to our daughter , she just wearing a slipper to hang out" . Feeling that senario is just a bored stuff .

I feel comfort to sheath my 'Fipper' everywhere i went eventhough to wedding ceremony . :D

Ive been criticized . Urghh . Usually , I do to have wear something simple as I can as it cant beyond by 'syarak' .  We lived as muslim , stay in a beautiful religion called Islam so we need to obey in order of Allah ask to . And to be who am I , I used to keep all my old style . I am hijabster and also w my old style so i used tudung bawal forever . Simple + normal + not stailista . Ahaks !

Hey come on lah . Let peoples do by their own way as they doesnt dirturbing your life . Just please dont judge anyone before you not knowing them well . And imma not an alien so im hope you wont stare at me like im a big offender when i went out anywhere .

  You have your life , LIVE YOUR LIFE :)


  1. kahkahkahkah . ya laa , tengah usaha menjadi seorang 'perempuan' la ni . Haha